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Spoiled Zeina Heart didn’t want to concentrate on her English lesson. She was being pouty and giving her tutor Voodoo a tough time. She was just not paying attention, day dreaming about swallowing large cocks etc, etc. She convinced Voodoo into fulfilling her daydream with a promise to be more studious if he would just give this college girl a naughty lesson… How could anyone resist a teenage slut this damn fine? Voodoo could not resist those pouty lips and the lesson turned into a half swallowed, half worn cum facial of truly bi-lingual proportions.

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Cute teen blond Lilly Kingston has been cutting a lot of class. It’s the end of the school year and her truancy is catching up with her. Fortunately for her, she has an ace up her sleeve to convince her teacher to give her a good grade anyway. The teacher doesn’t want to let this spoiled teen off the hook, but drops to her knees and wraps her lips around his dick. Soon he is helpless to resist her nubile charms and ends up fucking her right over his desk. No way he can punish her now!

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Dani was having all sorts of issues at college. Just because she was 18 she figured she could just rum amok. She got into so much trouble that her guidance counselor promised to call her parents. Dani figured she might be able to pull a fast one and get the counselor to not do that, as there was already enough drama at home anyway. So after some touchy feely action, she seduced her counselor to agree not to tell in exchange for a hot college blowjob. She sucked at school AND on cock. After tasting that monser dick her wet aching college pussy had to feel what it was like. I think the counselor will be much more forgiving in the future…


You can not trust people these days. Sweet, young Natalia Rossi has a friend who has a boyfriend who may have a wandering eye. Natalia is a good friend, though. Young, delicious, shaved, flexible, tanned and willing to learn if her pal’s cute boyfriend fools around. She called him over with intent to put the moves on him and report back if he tried anything. After feeling the size of his cock beneath his jeans though, she decided she just had to feel something that big in her small teenage pussy. I don’t think she’ll be telling her friend anything about this…

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Nikki pulls her long sexy legs back as far as they can go and invites Josh down so he can play with her college pussy. He rubs and laps the sexy clit and sends waves of delight up her spine and into her brain. The sweet smile betrays just how much she’s enjoying his measures of delight and she wants to return the favor with a lusty college blowjob. His bone tastes good on her tongue but nothing beats having it buried in her sweet college pussy. The cute college slut gets on top and rides him hard, taking the gigantic beast as far into her cunt as she can manage. There’s doggy style college sex too as this lascivious little babe gets all the man meat she can handle. These movies are erotic but there’s a full length clip with lots more action ready for download at Pure 18 along tons of other nude college girls and their scenes.

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They meet this horny college blonde at the mall and after a little talking and flirting she’s persuaded to go home with the dude and his camera man. Pay close attention and perhaps you’ll have a living room filled with naked college girls someday! When they get her back to the house it doesn’t take long for the steamy college sex to start as she falls to her knees and slurps cock. She plays the skin flute professionally, getting him stiff and hard with very little effort. Then it’s time to take a seat on the juicy dong with her college pussy and let him fill her up so nice. It’s satisfying sitting on that large meat and the whore just wants to bounce all night long. Watch the free college porn and you’ll be inspired to swing by Mall Teen for more, I promise.


Goddamn, last night’s drunk college party was the wildest time me and my buds have ever had! I mean, we’ve been to some awesome college parties in the last 3 years, but nothing compared to this. The drunk coeds were coming out of their clothes before the sun even went down, and soon after that there were guys all over the place getting their dicks sucked, and I was one of them! A couple of drunk college girls were getting fucked right there in the living room, and me and my new friend moved into a back bedroom where she let me film her blowing me! And when I told her I was going to put the video on the net, she told me “You better!” If you want to see the full college porn collection from our awesome college sex party, then check out College Fuck Fest right now!

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Delicious college slut Nicole needs answers for the upcoming test and all she has to offer is her college pussy. Luckily the dude is more than content to take a college blowjob and some college sex as payment. Her sucking on cock is awfully hot, as you can see in the second movie. It’s her college pussy that really makes him satisfied though. The nude college girl takes a seat on his tool and it all slides up within her. He’s holding her from underneath and he basically bounces her on his prick like the little college slut that she is. The hottie relishes his meat and in the final video she takes charge and drops her college pussy on that fat prick. She rides him over and over and the sound is just fantastic. Naughty college sex is wicked hot! If you love the movie you can download the full scene at Pure 18 along with dozens of others featuring naked college girls getting lusty and nasty.

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Sweet college girl Taylor Bow broke up with her boyfriend and broke his heart in the process. In response he uploaded all the college fuck tapes they ever made to a site named after her. Now you can watch their college sex life unfold in front of your eyes. It’s quite juicy. In this free gallery you get to see the naked college girl take his meat in her tight college pussy doggy style. First we watch her strip, starting with her top to reveal her perky college tits and continuing with her panties to reveal that fine looking college pussy. Once she’s nude the cutie gets on her hands and knees and he steps behind her to penetrate her deep. Most of the scene is filmed in first person view but this time he puts the camera on a tripod and points it at her face so we get to take in the delight she’s experiencing as he pounds her. The college sex is some of the best you’ll ever see.

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Cute college girl Carmen always has guys hitting on her because of her natural breasts and her sweet smile. The guys think she’s innocent and they want to spoil it. She’s not so innocent though; this college girl has been boned plenty of times and she’s about to get pounded once more. She does a sensual striptease to open this college sex gallery and then she pulls a hard pecker from her man’s pants and wraps her plump lips around it. Those DSLs get him firm and then he tastes her other lips and runs his tongue along her asshole for some extra fun. You recognize what comes next: her college pussy is filled with his turgid fuck meat and she looks like she’s never been so happy. The nude college girl rides his dong too, taking every inch of his dick within her tight college pussy. Swing by Pure 18 and you’ll see countless other nude college girls doing the same things in high resolution movie and picture galleries.

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Kiki comes from the land down under and she brings her long red hair, savory smile and firm college tits to the United States along with a desire for cock that will surprise even the most experienced college slut lovers. The smiling nude college girl slobbers on hard meat to get the guy rock hard so he can pleasure her college pussy with his stiff prick. She gives a great college blowjob and all the while she’s looking into the camera with those sweet, innocent eyes. When she gets on her hands and knees you can see just how lean and slim her body is. It’s breathtaking and when that massive dong slides inside her college pussy it’s a revelation. There are countless naked college girls at Pure 18, the site that produced this amazing college sex movie. I highly recommend a visit if you like teen porn of any kind.

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It turns out if you’re looking to cast a site filled with naked college teens then a trip to the mall is all you need. This college sex video begins at the local mall where a pretty tramp is picked up with the promise of cash in exchange for a good time. She’s a little hottie so they’re probably paying her a tidy sum and the movie is altogether worth it. Her college pussy is first penetrated as she sits on the thick cock. They film it from behind and you get a close look at that pretty college ass in addition to her slit being stuffed with stiff prick. The doggy style college sex is even better! He grabs her hair while he’s drilling her from behind and gives it a playful tug that I really liked. Wouldn’t you like to tug on this nude college teen and tap her tight pussy? Download this entire movie and plenty more naked college teens at Mall Teen.

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A super cute brunette college girl is on her knees on the bed and her sexy mouth is swallowing a stiff bone while her little box is fingered deep. The guy wants to pound her college pussy and after getting her wet and ready with his giant digits he slips his pecker inside her and makes her a very happy girl. She continues slurping another cock while he nails her and it’s like a dream come true for college sex lovers. The menage a trois is how this teen babysitter loves to have college sex since more cocks make her satisfied. She sits on one of the guys as well and sucks the other guy while bouncing like the college slut she is. The guys double penetrate her and then pull out and jerk off onto her face, showering her in spunk. You can download three short clips from the scene in this gallery or peek at Download Pass and download the entire dvd along with hundreds of others featuring naked college girls.


Campus parties are hookup heaven when booze is combined with hot college girls. This horny brunette gets carried away when she finally gets some attention from her cute classmate. Kissing turns to groping and even though the room is still full of partiers she gets a little naked on the couch with her frat boy. He doesn’t mind! Would you? Some pussy licking and cock sucking takes them all the way and they sneak off to the bathroom to finish the deed. She spreads her legs wide waiting to be filled by his hard dick and when he enters she moans in pleasure. He pumps away at that sweet pussy before blowing a huge sticky load. Random college sex at its finest!

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