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Either I just didn’t know this but I don’t think this is the case to be honest because I know these guys, so I think this might actually be a somewhat recent development which bodes very well for them.

One of the most important things to consider before you decide to take out a membership with any porn site or network is how stable they are and there is no better sign for that than growth and expansion.

I see that Net Video Girls have opened two new sites in Net Girl and Casting Couch HD I guess now meaning that they are no longer just a site but a network. Well done to them since I have always been a fan of their work.

As you can see from this particular pic they also do PoV work and I deliberately say also because they don’t exclusively do that. Their scenes more often than not consists of a combination of angles and I for one enjoy that.

They have a very casting couch centric style and if you enjoy that you really should consider taking up this opportunity of an instant 50% off discount to Net Video Girls.

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