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Cameron Love

The teacher knew on the first day of class that naughty teen redhead Cameron Love was going to be trouble for him. She was always winking at him during class, bending over in front of him with short skirts and showing peeks of her milky sexy thighs. Today, after doing poorly on a test, he decides to talk to her after class about her performance. However, he soon discovers her coming on to him, sitting on his desk and flirting, her long legs crossed and scarcely covering her blue panties. They both know what’s at stake here, so he tells Cameron the only way she is going to pass his class is to put out! Of course that’s what she planned from the start. She swallows his shaft and rides that cock in her tight teen pussy right on top of his desk! The only question is, what that his fantasy or hers?

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Dani Jensen

Dani was having all sorts of issues at college. Just because she was 18 she figured she could just rum amok. She got into so much trouble that her guidance counselor promised to call her parents. Dani figured she might be able to pull a fast one and get the counselor to not do that, as there was already enough drama at home anyway. So after some touchy feely action, she seduced her counselor to agree not to tell in exchange for a hot college blowjob. She sucked at school AND on cock. After tasting that monser dick her wet aching college pussy had to feel what it was like. I think the counselor will be much more forgiving in the future…

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