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As it turns out, some stereotypes are true. And the fact that college chicks love to flash folks, strip down, and show off their incredible bodies is one of those true stereotypes. And we’re happy that it is for real! I swear I’ve seen more tits since I joined College Rules than I ever had before! The fact that they seem to like to get naked in groups may be part of it. These chicks are certainly not shy about nudity in front of their gal pals, that’s for sure. But it goes so far beyond that.

You will watch groups of girls share the same hard cock. It’s like one rides a guy for a while and then she switches with her friend. Sometimes she even guides it in her pussy for her. I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to be that lucky guy, with gorgeous girl after gorgeous girl using you for their fun babes night in. What a life that would be! But me, I’m more than happy to watch!

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