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Nowadays, the doll market has a large number of different styles of dolls, chubby fat sex doll, closed-eyes sex doll, freckle sex doll, elegant sex doll, etc. These personalized dolls greatly enrich our choices.

After getting the premium TPE sex doll, everyone will dress up their beloved sex doll, but what should we pay attention to when dressing up?

Before dressing the life size TPE sex doll, you should clean it and spread talcum powder for her, then remove the head and pose in a suitable position for dressing. If you want to wear accessories, please do not choose sharp accessories, so as not to scratch the doll.

The following are some notes.

1. Before posing and dressing, you should read the instructions. It is best to control the body movement of the sex doll within a safe range to prevent excessive bending of the limbs. During the operation, it is safest to operate from the nearest point of the joint.

2. Try to avoid wearing clothes that will stain, such as artificial leather or other oil-dyed materials. If you must wear dark colored clothing, remember to wash your clothes several times to ensure the color does not fade. It is best to wear a white top before you wear it. Do not wear dark clothes for a long time to avoid color bleeding into the doll and causing skin discoloration.

3. Pay attention to prevent scratching. If you have long fingernails, it is best to cut them off.

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Breaking up from a stable relationship is not that easy. In typical cases, it features fights, court cases, and other ugly scenes and scenarios. Most people, however, agree to walk this lowly path for various reasons. Some of which include;

• cheating and betrayal by a partner
• Toxic partner
• uncaring partner
• Misdirected anger
• Bad behaviors
• Unsupportive partner
• Lying partner

Others could be because their partners have introduced third party sex partners in their relationships like best sex dolls or sex toys. Those who cannot or can no longer contain any of these always move on to suggest break up before it is too long. But how should you go about this minus immensely hurting your partner’s feelings?

This page has some break-up tips that will ensure you and your partner separate without any hard feelings.

Accept pain

Not even to the person proposing the breakup skips the pain. Both of you will ultimately feel it. Despite how broken your relationship was before, ending it naturally causes pain, all of you must endure. The least you can do about it is to acknowledge the decision and the resulting pain. That way, it will be easier for you to get over the situation quick enough.

Give it a face-to-face approach

If you have any dignity in you left for your partner, at least you should discuss the breakup face to face. It is quite disrespectful only to send your partner a message or an email to communicate your breakup message. If that happened to you in your earlier relationships, please avoid doing it to other people – it leaves your partner more confused. People even commit suicide from such communications, so you shouldn’t take it that light. If your partner is violent, at least meet them in an open place –you will be safe.

Give your partner a decent reason for your breakup

The use of reflexible wording is highly significant in this situation. Do not tell your partner, “I am divorcing you because you are poor in bed” or “am divorcing you because you are worthless to me.” No, those are horrible sentences. Instead, say, “I don’t think we are compatible sexually” to mean they are deficient in bed or “I do not see our ambitions to be aligned anymore.”
Situations like inferior performance in bed could be rectified. If the wife is a big size, then the man can use a big booty doll for practice on different sex styles the wife enjoys. So do not be harsh with your words as if some situations can’t change.

Accept no protest or friend-zoning

If you have decided to go on with the break-up decision, let not protest, and arguments smoothen your heart. Do not accept being in touch or remaining friends with your partner.

Avoid referring to them as ‘bad people’

Yes, there could be a mistake your partner did, but that’s human. You never know, they may afterward decide to abort their bad behaviors, atone to their mistakes, and move on in the right path of living.


Now that you are aware of these golden tips, next will be to embrace them. No break-ups are easy to handle situations, and no love relationships face no hitches. When you can bear human love any more, you can find peace with a love doll of your choice. See the different available categories at Sex Dolls Love.

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